Virtual Reality is now helping humans to be better humans

  • August 20, 2019

Virtual Reality nowadays is teaching people how to deliver babies, operate machinery, practice firing a virtual employee. And could be the future of sexual harassment training in the workplace. Since VR it’s more immersive than physical classes or slideshow and video presentations and lets users feel closer to real-life than ever before.

Helping teach midwives to deliver babies

Midwifery students now can learn to deliver babies as part of exams at the Australia’s University of Newcastle in VR.

The program is intended to facilitate the progress from an instructive setting to a real-world emergency room for new graduates and lift their certainty at work, which is significant on the grounds that “15 percent of births in Australia and New Zealand [require] some type of revival.”

Not only The University of Newcastle use new tech in clinical training. Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) announced a collaboration with Tan Tock Seng Hospital and visual effects company SideFX Studios to simulate scenarios in VR for training courses on medical procedures too.

Virtual Reality gets industrial training simulators closer to real life

Industrial training simulators are entering a new level with the help of virtual reality technology, helping companies save time, money, and minimize risk.

Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator with Support for Oculus Rift VR platform
Aircraft Deicing Training Simulator with Support for Oculus Rift VR platform

As virtual reality is evolving & bypassing numerous old issues like insufficient computing power, restrictive expenses, and even the sheer weight of the hardware. We made a bet that VR would be the next evolution of simulators.

Fire a virtual employee

Barry Thompson is going to get fired, and the thought is that firing him in VR will help prepare your mind before you need to end somebody career who isn’t made of code.

virtual human

A VR company that develops VR &AR training programs for Fortune 500 partners. The company introduced Barry to demonstrate its “Virtual Human Technology.”

The company built Barry using speech recognition, AI, natural language processing, gamified scoring, dynamic feedback and enterprise learning management system. Therefore, Barry can fluidly converse with the real person wearing the VR headset, display realistic emotion and understand the context.

If you handle his firing well, Barry will calmly accept the news.

“The immersive properties and rich, consistent contextual cues associated with VR improve the quality and speed of initial learning”.

“One strength of VR is that it can be implemented in such a way as to target [both] the behavioral skills system and the cognitive skills system.”

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