Tourism virtual tours in the 4.0 technology era

  • December 14, 2020

What makes tourism virtual tours attractive without any expenses, not much time consumed, and no health affected? Why is the term growing rapidly to be a trend in the 4.0 era? 

Why is so-called tourism virtual tour? 

What are virtual tours? 

A virtual tour is said a very new term these days. Simply defined, the tour is believed to travel you all around the country, or even over the globe; and more specifically, it happens via screen viewed from electronic devices, for example, smartphones, laptops, or VR (virtual reality) goggles. Being more interesting, we may enjoy the virtual place at home or anywhere. 

Compared to other gadgets that have specific limitations, virtual tours highly support viewers to enjoy the sights in multidimension. This high-tech platform is about to bring a boring picture to lives. It stretches the sight limit and allows the users to view a photograph from tip to toe. By a screen touch or a mouse drag, we are able to look at whole the landscape with 360-degree view in a picture without being present at the location. Better than anything, it enhances people’s experience and levels up their life. 

Individuals have varied methods to enjoy a virtual tour and it assists users in various dimensions compared to a 2D look at a normal photograph. Thanks to the invention, we are granted 360-degree virtual tours and 3D virtual tours.  

What do tourism virtual tours mean?

It is true to believe that we have to pay quite a lot of money and effort to make a trip plan come true. Therefore, compliance with virtual reality in the tourism industry of era 4.0 boosts the benefit packages for both tourists and service suppliers. It is simple to define tourism virtual tours being amusement trips to destinations where we would like to visit without any pennies or time spent. Plus, is it worth to enjoy the whole tour presented in only 30 minutes? What stops us from saying “Yes!” to the experience? The thing we need is a pair of VR goggles or a smartphone in order to search the determined destination on the Internet; even though the place geography is harsh, it shows in front of you a sight of a whole landscape via a screen as real. 

What is more? Companies in the industry have opportunities to stimulate customers’ senses to raise emotions to a high level with lively and dynamic data. The decision on tour booking or purchase shall be made as soon as the customers consider that the platform offers them a new standard worthwhile their investment. 

Tourism virtual tours – a future benchmark for enterprises 

As a result of a survey by YouVisit, more than 13% of people, who have experienced a virtual journey to destination where they expect to visit, possibly get more information or will book a flight and hotel to visit that location in real life. 

On the basis of an online tour platform, service suppliers encounter more approaches to a wide network and huge opportunities for brand expansionas a reward of understanding and meeting customer expectations for a new standard of experience. 

Tour suppliers are possible to spare less time on consulting about the attractive features instead of 360degree media (photographs & videos) created by free virtual tour platforms or applications to get the job done well. VRProTour, for instance, allows the users to create their virtual tours in order to test and express the satisfaction by himself or themselves. It is such a good method to close sales and increase profits dramatically.

Based on another survey from Convention and Tourism Business in Las Vegas among the locals about virtual reality inventions, 2 of 3 US travelers recognized that a VR experience influencetheir travel decision significantly. 

How to create an appealing virtual tour 

The next concern raises how possibly tour organizer arranges a virtual tour to guarantee that they can win continuous transactions over other competitorsVRProTour, a recommended platform, ensures an ideal solution for this case. 

  • Is it free to register? Yes, it is free, remember it is FREE. VRProTour is an online platform that gives you the power to design your own virtual tours without any coding knowledge, a convenient tool in order to create virtual tours freaking fast. You just need to prepare the 360degree/panorama photos.
  • It does not stop here yet. Our exploration does not simply stop at moving or spinning a dead picture, but the platform allows virtual tour makers to document your tour, such as adding a video hotspot, text hotspot, URL hotspot…etc in the Hotspot section to demonstrate how lively our itinerary is or call for people’s action. With other hotspots like Image or Gallery hotspot, you can show detailed photos or an album. If you would like your customers to read and learn more about the picture which is presented, you will prefer URL hotspot to add web links for references
  • Besides, VRProTour has a wide range of plugins that enrich your virtual tours to become unique in the market. Some stand out plugins is:
    • Background Music makes our photos come to life with appropriate songs.
    • If the customers require location where the photo is taken, the platform allows us to quote the address from Google Maps. 
    • Floor Plans is considered an innovative supporter of the real estate industry. The tool illustrates in detail a whole overview of a venue floor. For example, the application presents a 3D platform that shows the images of all rooms and pathways as real. Another case in hotel booking seems to be a piece of firm evidence. It is obvious that 360view compliance is integrated into most of the reservation sites such as Agoda, Travelloka, Booking, etc. As a result, the users support this idea since it helps them a broad view all over the room space to examine and compare before a booking decision is made. Virtual reality technology promises to create new competition in the hotel and resort business. Certainly, businesses that keep pace with technology will bring about significant profits and revenue for themselves. With other plugins like Pano Versions, Web VR, Nadir, Auto Rotate, Password Protected, Social Share, Welcome Popup, etc., customers are able to treat their senses with joyful imagination. 
  • VRProTour allows create up to 10 free virtual tours and almost full access to the plugins store.
  • 24/7 assistance. VRProTour team will answer you as soon as possible.
  • The product is easy to share via social networking channels with simple devices such as computers or smartphones. The content can be viewed by popular web browsers. This application will accelerate the process of booking, buying tours that any traditional marketing method cannot do. 

Overall, the platform is built so we can personalize every single customer need, though the request is much tough. Especially, free experience in advance of a full purchase is highlighted as an advantage over other competitors. Understanding with heart, VRProTour acts like company of the people in order to launch unique and remarkable tourism virtual tours. 

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