• October 1, 2019

The revolutionary milestone of VR technology has been admitted as an essential for most of the industries, including hotel virtual tours. This experience is considered to be a newbie in the market but proven to be a massive influence in the community.

Let’s get started with VRProTour to experience top 5 hotel virtual tours to the most attractive and top-end hotels in the world.

  1. Atlantic The Palm, Dubai

Atlantic The Palm, a 5-star hotel, is located on an artificial island named Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Not only was the hotel built based on a normal resort or hotel, but it also wins curiosity, interest, or expectations from even tough customers by its palatial design together with providing top services. Every detail or small specifications are illustrated precisely via a virtual tour 360. Hotel virtual tour lets us enjoy a lively tour as if we were taking a physical tour and felt the atmosphere as a real customer at the hotel, but forget the fact that we are just in front of a screen.

Experiencing a virtual reality video 360 at Atlantic The Palm takes us not only 5 minutes but also demonstrates a total package of accommodations here. Especially, the hotel embedded technology facilities in the virtual tours. Therefore, it allows the visitors on the website to experience before booking decisions are made. This method is believed a wise move to prove that the hotel is the first choice where people would like the best service at a resort without any doubt or regret.

  1. Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa, South Africa

Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa is located on 16 Minor Road, Franschhoek city #7690 in South Africa. The location is one of the top resorts with the best services in the country. To meet customer demand and maintain the hotel’s competitive position in the market, the owner has launched VR tours for customer experience. More importantly, this is not only an ordinary technological tour but also a total guide package to specific features by the hotel’s managers to their customers. It is highly believed that this method is brilliant since it builds a human connection between corporate and customers.

Moreover, although the tours are not physical but virtual, online visitors can enjoy real sights and feel the location’s environment as though they were standing in front of the landscapes. In these tours, customers are granted access to area overview or specific sections in the hotel. For example, reception lobbies, restaurant lounges (both inside the hotel and outdoor), amusement parks and room accommodations. Interestingly, the 360 virtual tour platforms allow the users unlimited time to stay at a particular section without reset by timeout. This way personalizes certain customer’s needs and creates a sense of hospitality in the customer’s mind.

  1. Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel, Croatia

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel was built on a privileged location next to the seashore in Croatia. The hotel is considered a gate to a majestic nature overlook with a clean and clear beach.

If you are not enough to be convinced by these bare words, why don’t you join us on a hotel virtual tour to examine by yourself?

There are no tour guides or we may find no one for an attractive presentation about the place. However, it is not hard to enjoy hotel virtual tours or tough for procedure. On the other hand, the automatic guide ability provides users easy and adaptable instruction to complete the tour by themselves. Though the hotel is not a masterpiece, the luxury-styled design is highly admitted. Moreover, the hotel creates an atmosphere where all customers feel relaxed and peaceful by playing songs softly and smoothly. This seems to be the best way to highlight the elegant and glamorous corners at the hotel.

  1. Vythitri Resort of Wayanad, India


Vythitri Resort of Wayanad is rewarded as the best luxurious resort at the central Wayanad, a state located in South India. The resort is a hug in a big tropical forest. Despite geographical concerns, it is not a big deal if you prefer an adventure to this beautiful location. The technology of virtual reality provides the hotel an advantage over distance or space wherever or whenever their customers would like to experience.

Thanks to a panorama tour, the visitors seem lost in the great wonder of nature. Including an offer of 5-star services. For example, artificial waterfalls, tea gardens, both houseboat and sky restaurants, the hotel is still famous for its traditional beauty. Therefore, the visitors can easily find these hotel virtual tours distinct, compared to other kinds of traditional tours. Additionally, on the purpose of raising the awareness of traditional-driven design, the hotel is expected to empower its unique brand and the first-choice position in the list whenever a single tourist is looking for a significant place for a holiday.

  1. Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel, Australia


Given the topic about 5-star hotels and resorts in Brisbane, Australia, without any doubt, the brand, Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel, should be first mentioned. The hotel is linked to Mercure tower whose capacity goes beyond 400 rooms.Specifically, there are 210 rooms granted 5-star standard and the rest is titled 4-star level. Furthermore, the hotel provides service for conference and workshop rooms with 1000 people capacity. On the other hand, this is the place whose conference rooms are the biggest in Brisbane city.

To make a decision booking for a workshop venue or simply a stay during trips is according important. Understood these essential needs, Pullman Brisbane has established a tour online. Therefore, tourists from around the world can visit and check the hotel’s accommodation via a 360-degree panorama viewer application before their final decision is made. The platform allows the visitors to view the whole dimension in every corner and check single room space without any charge. These online virtual tours are a remarkable experience for quality enhancement and brand expansion.

Proficient hotel virtual tour making in a few steps with VRProTour

Generally, you don’t have to spend much time to create a virtual tour for the hotel. You don’t need to download, and then install an application or any software in a long time. We are supposed to get access to the website and begin the process. Moreover, with 360-angle wide photos, VRProTour supports you with a perfect trip creation.

The technology platform is applied to many reasonable functions. It allows us to view, zoom and change different angles or dimensions to suit personal favor. Then, the visitors are not only allowed to view the whole lobby landscape of a hotel but also get linked to other rooms by 3D walkthrough and have a 360-angle wide view as if they were walking along the hotel halls.

Next, VRProTour presents simple instructions on how to apply and create a hotel virtual tour yourself.

Step 1: Get access to https://vrprotour.com and select “start now”

Create a hotel virtual tour

Step 2: Sign in at https://studio.vrprotour.com/#/login. If you have no accounts yet, you may visit https://studio.vrprotour.com/#/signup to register an account.

create a Virtual Museum Tours

Step 3: Click “Create Project” or “New Project” to begin creating a new tour

How to create a hotel virtual tour

Step 4: Name your tour and key in the blank

How to create a hotel virtual tour

Step 5: Drag our 36-angle pictures and drop to the window or click “Select Images” to choose photos from the computer, Google Drive or Dropbox

Drag & drop or Select panorama pictures

Step 6: Link all photos to a completed journey by Hotspot Portal

Create Portal Hotspot

On the right corner of the screen, choose suitable hotspot items, drag and drop them at referable positions. You are able to change the title name of a single hotspot or other properties.

Step 7: You can compose “Content Hotspot” to describe clearly about your business types

Create Content Hotspot

In the Hotspot table, you may add images, gallery, or URL links to provide additional data. Therefore, the customers can understand more about the service.

Step 8: If you wish to impress your visitors, you should add more Plugins. For example, Google Map, Floor Plans, Photo Gallery, Pano Version, Web VR, Background Music, etc. Therefore, you can add songs so all customers can enjoy your tours with a better experience.

add plugins in Virtual Museum Tours

Let’s have a look at our results.


Obviously, there are few simple steps without being charged or much time consumed. However, it results in a fabulous virtual reality tour. So what else are you waiting for? Let’s start your tour creation now at https://studio.vrprotour.com/