Top 05 benefits from real estate virtual tours

  • October 12, 2019

Real estate is one of the first areas affecting significant changes for the advantages of technology of virtual reality. Many people find it difficult to view the apartment in full detail and it is the biggest obstacle preventing them from making purchase decisions. A real estate virtual tour allows the customers to enjoy a trip around the venue. Moreover, it is not necessary to move to the premises but they can watch the campus or the furniture inside. The viewers can move around and enter all the rooms by a click. In order to browse over the detail, they can zoom in or out to view the spot in a distance they would like. It brings viewers the feeling as if they were standing in the middle of the house. Let’s learn 5  benefits industry from virtual reality with VRProTour.

  1. Timesaving with a virtual tour

Time-saving seems the most advantageous as time is considered to be priceless. Complying technology of virtual reality to estate area, this saves much time for both the customers and the brokers.

Thank virtual tours, the customers need not transport much from one location to the others. As a result, they shall avoid bad traffic jams. Instead what they need is a smartphone or a pair of VR goggles so they can enjoy the 3D simulated tours. As soon as the virtual reality technology becomes more popular, most of the people are able to attend more virtual tours anytime without moving out.

To construction contractors or house owners, housing sellers or brokers earn some advantages from this solution. For example, following the traditional behaviors, a broker has to invite their customers to the premises and show them around and this takes much time, but the result is a decline at last since the property does not meet customers’ requirements. Today, online virtual tours are available for use on the Internet, the customers can access to a tour to examine how the premises is like and look for their most proper choice. Then, their phone call for an appointment means the signal that they love your property and perhaps they shall make a buying decision after a visit. This helps the contractors or the owners focus on potential targets and avoid wasting much time on those who have no intention of buying decisions.

  1. Cost-efficience 

In the beginning, there are quite many people misunderstanding the expenses to create a 360-angle virtual tour. They believe that developments for 3D virtual tours with a full package of functions and effects might cost them a fortune and a great amount of time. However, the concern will be no more as VRProTour is built to assist users in creating a real estate virtual tour. More importantly, building a virtual tour on the VRProTour platform or application is free of charge. Moreover, the application guides the users in easy steps to make a real estate virtual tour. This solution is considered to be cost-efficient compared to a huge investment in building showroom or marketing campaigns.

The benefits are clear for the owners or the contractors, but how’re about the customers. Obviously, the buyers shall save time in commute, and increase the chance of locking the target. Additionally, the technology of 360-angle virtual reality reduces the risk investment for the buyers before the buying decision is made.

  1. Customer attraction

A virtual tour around houses and apartments shows the customers all special features. Unlike traditional interactions, brokers only present images of the property and it is not a strong proof to create a real visual image of the property in customers’ imagination. Instead of viewing the mini building models made from paper or carton which cannot impress the viewers with the beauty of the building and the intentions from the designer, 360-angle panorama photos or virtual tours bring the customers more realistic experiences with real emotions.

Virtual tour for real estate

The advance of virtual tours builds an emotional connection to the customers and it shall win more attention from tough targets than a normal 2D picture. It is quite popular to have a strong marketing team investing in beautiful photos or great sale presentation with videos. However, they are uncomparable to real experience than a virtual tour may bring. Potential buyers can conduct tours at home whenever convenient they find and focus on details they would like to. They would have the feeling as if they were moving around and checking the building for buying decisions. Therefore, our advertised property stays unique and accountable in the customers’ minds compared to other competitors’. Then, it may enhance customers’ buying decisions by leveling up their ownership.

  1. Broader transaction network

The technology of virtual reality may erase geographical barriers in the estate area. Since the creation of VR technology at the beginning, the brokers have started wide-spreading their customer networks. More specifically, not only the locals but also those abroad are targeted as potential deals. It is obvious that the international distance seems to be shorted and VR technology is one of the efficient assistance.

On the other hand, for projects under construction, online tours play a role as a messenger. It allows the contractors to communicate with the buyers directly and more effectively. Then, they can keep updated the favors from the customers so repairing considerations may come early. According to this fact, building corporates may satisfy customers’ personalization and be open to more customer groups.

As a result, more transactions will come, and chances for successful deals may increase.

  1. Product highlight

Among hundreds of estate projects, the integration of VR technology creates differentiation and competitive advantages over other corporates. A virtual tour highlights the accommodations from various dimensions. It illustrates precisely from single detail to an overview of the whole building. Web users can input by zooming and spinning. Besides, the application allows the users to move and observe all details inside our 3D premises model. By lively images under 3D-angle views, VR technology brings our customers an outstanding tour around real premises with a smartphone without transportation.

Making a perfect real estate virtual tour with VRProTour

Virtual house tour

VRProTour assists us in creating a perfect tour. Tour designers take 360-angle photos and upload them to the application. VRProTour is going to link them to create a virtual tour perfectly. We are active to choose the location and angle of view for your tour.

Additionally, VTProTour provides us other special features:

  • Hotspot – the tool makes our tours more interesting and impressing. For example, you can add more comments or introductions about the infrastructure of a church into a Content hotspot. On the other hand, there are more hotspot options such as Portal hotspot, Gallery hotspot, URL hotspot.
  • Plugin – where we can find more information. There are some certain Plugin items in VRProTour like Pano Versions, Web VR, Nadir, Auto Rotate, Floor plans, Password Protected, Social Share, Photo Gallery, Welcome Popup. Especially, our tours shall be highlighted by adding beautiful songs in Background Music Moreover, plugins support us to create a hyperlink to Google Maps so we need not open many tabs at the same time.
  • 10 unlimited and free tour creations
  • VRProTour guarantees service quality and advantages on price
  • 24/7 assistance service available with a professional consulting team

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