How to create a hotspot in 360 Virtual Tour

  • September 7, 2019

How to create a hotspot in 360 Virtual Tour

Create hotspots are an important step during a virtual tour creation process, which determines what your product value is. Here’s how to set up a different type of hotspot in 360 Virtual Tour.

1. Why creating hotspots in Virtual Tour is important?

What is a Hotspot in Virtual Tour?

  • Portal hotspot is a button that allows you to move between rooms/panoramas/scenes, to join them into a combined virtual tour. You can also add extra information about the property by using the info buttons.
  • Gallery hotspot is a button that allows you to see a set of images as a gallery or slider when you click on it.
  • Image hotspot is a button that allows you to see a Popup with an Image inside.
  • Video hotspot is a button that allows you to see a Popup with a Video inside.
  • Content hotspot is a button that allows you to view an Article inside a Popup.
  • Link hotspot is a button that redirects to a website URL when you click on it.

Why create hotspots in Virtual Tour?

Because hotspots will make your tour more lively and professional and provide a better experience and information for users. This is definitely one of the new ways to develop your Virtual Tour with modern trends.

A hotspot is an interactive, track-able piece or piece of content embedded within a hotspot that you can click on which links to other areas of that website, a downloadable advertising document, or any other place online. You’ll be able to dig deeper and learn more about a product, service, or information about the scene you’re exploring.

Previously, people could only learn about a place, a tourist destination through normal 2D photos, now they can easily interact and explore that place/destination in 360 ​​virtual tours like they are currently stand in the place. Thanks to the development of virtual reality technology, we will have great experiences and virtual tours will become more and more popular than ever. Hotspots are the main factor contributing to that perfection and attractiveness.

Hotspots are created by dragging the representative icon into the scene. You should be careful not to place two hotspots too close to each other, which is easy to click at once.

2. Types of hotspots in Virtual Tour

2.1 Portal hotspot

Portal hotspot is a centralized and unique access point, integrating information channels, services, and applications, on the Web platform. Portal hotspot provides users with different search needs.

How to add new portal hotspot:

  • Drag the thumbnail of a targeted scene to the position you want on the current scene.
  • Move the view you want the user to see when clicking on that Portal hotspot
  • Finally hit Save to save to hotspot position and view direction.
  • You can also customize:
    • the position by dragging it around.
    • the hotspot icon by uploading your icon

2.2 Image hotspot

Image Hotspot helps you create a Popup that contains an image/photo.

How to add a new Image hotspot to the scene:

  • Drag the image hotspot icon to the scene.
  • Add the photo.
  • Enter the image name.
  • Drag hotspot around to set to the position you want to add a hotspot.
  • When you indicate the coordinates for a hotspot, it will move to its position.

2.3 Gallery hotspot

The gallery is a collection of images related to product information. Similar to Image hotspot, Gallery hotspot enables users to showcase a specific area or product details creatively.

2.4 Content hotspot

With the Content hotspot, users will summarize and write briefly the main information to help readers better understand the product, without leaving the virtual tour to look for the information.

How to add a Content hotspot to the scene:

  • Drag the image hotspot icon to the scene.
  • Add information about the product in the content box (a WYSIWYG editor).
  • Enter the hotspot name.
  • Move the mouse over a hotspot to drag and set to the position you want to add a hotspot.
  • When you indicate the coordinates for a hotspot, it will move to the correct position.
  • You can also customize the hotspot icon to suit your branding.

You can customize the hotspot background color inside the Project setting area.

2.5 URL hotspot (link hotspot)

URL (short for “Uniform Resource Locator”) is a means for users to access resources on the Internet. The online resources stored on the Internet that you visit or search every day will be assigned a clear “address”, which is the URL.

By URL hotspot, readers can easily connect to a link that contains information about the product and better understands it.

How to add new URL hotspot:

  • Drag the Link hotspot icon into the scene.
  • Insert the link/website address.
  • Choose which type of action when a user clicks on Link hotspot:
    • Open the entered link in a new window.
    • Open the entered link inside a Popup window.

2.6 Video hotspot

This hotspot help users have a unique experience. With it, you can transmit information to your customers/users through traditional film/video storytelling via Youtube or Vimeo video.

With the use of Video hotspots, readers simply click on a button (a hotspot) to view a Youtube/Vimeo video that has the information related to the product. Besides, these video hotspots encourage actions by your visitors which can be tracked, leading to more traffic on the video or website, page, and increased engagement.

How to add new video hotspot:

  • Drag the video hotspot icon into the scene.
  • Add video URL.
  • Enter the video name.
  • Move the mouse to each hotspot, drag to set the position you want to add a hotspot.
  • You can also customize the hotspot icon and color.

3.  Steps to create hotspots in 360 Virtual Tour for FREE with VRProTour

VRProTour provides an easy-to-use virtual tour platform from a 360-degree photo.

The demand for a 360° virtual tour service market is increasing day by day. This is a unique and novel virtual reality technology that helps promote and market products or services of businesses or individuals. Many types of products and services in many industry sectors can be promoted and marketed through it.

VRProTour is a digital marketing tool created from a number of 360-degree photos that are stitched together, to appear as a seamless whole. It provides an interactive way to explore environments such as real estate, resorts, hotels, tourism destinations, clubs and more. The viewer can look around within the content created. It’s quite immersive visual experiences.

7 EASY Steps to create a hotspot in 360 Virtual Tour for FREE:

  • Step 1: Go to Studio page and sign in https://studio.vrprotour.com
  • Step2: Create your project
  • Step 3: Enter Virtual Tour title
  • Step 4: Upload your panoramas
  • Step 5: Create hotspots
    When making a hotspot, you can use many hotspot options and each hotspot may appear multiple times.
  • Step 6: View your result: https://tour.vrprotour.com/landesmuseum-national-museum-zurich
  • Step 7: Publish & share

It can be said that promoting your place/business/destination through Virtual Tour, customers will see the professionalism of the business, making a strong impression on customers. Moreover, the amount of interaction and website access increased sharply, with more potential customers. Thanks to the hotspot options, 360 Virtual Tour has become more unique, informative and more attractive, bringing high efficiency in introducing your business and achieve customer growth. Above is the introduction of a hotspot in 360 Virtual Tour especially is the step by step of how to create them in virtual tours.