Tourism virtual tours in the 4.0 technology era

What makes tourism virtual tours attractive without any expenses, not much time consumed, and no health affected? Why is the term growing rapidly to be a trend in the 4.0 era?  Why is a so-called tourism virtual tour?  What are virtual tours?  A virtual tour is said a very new term these days. Simply defined, the tour is believed to travel you all around the country, or even over the globe; and more specifically, it… View Article

Top 05 benefits from real estate virtual tours

Real estate is one of the first areas affecting significant changes for the advantages of technology of virtual reality. Many people find it difficult to view the apartment in full detail and it is the biggest obstacle preventing them from making purchase decisions. A real estate virtual tour allows the customers to enjoy a trip… View Article


The revolutionary milestone of VR technology has been admitted as an essential for most of the industries, including hotel virtual tours. This experience is considered to be a newbie in the market but proven to be a massive influence in the community. Let’s get started with VRProTour to experience top 5 hotel virtual tours to… View Article


What makes your hotel so attractive and exciting that the customers would always prefer at first for their holiday rather than the others? Hotel virtual tours appear as a strategic key to unlock this case. According to a recent survey, the lively integration of state-of-art technology with hotel specifications in detail brings a huge profit… View Article

Traveling with top 03 Virtual Museum Tours

(The most interesting part is at the end of this article, follow through to experience ). Virtual museum tours have the ability to travel a historic space to experience even when we have never set foot there. Interactive online maps, image galleries or banks of 3D scans are some types of tours that museums often… View Article

How to make a 360 virtual tour in 2019

Do you recognize that the evolution of virtual reality technology is giving us a great experiences? If people were only able to enjoy beautiful pictures before, now they could easily interact, explore and even buy anything directly on 360 virtual tours. That is why virtual tour is becoming more and more popular than ever. No… View Article

Virtual Reality is now helping humans to be better humans

Virtual Reality nowadays is teaching people how to deliver babies, operate machinery, practice firing a virtual employee. And could be the future of sexual harassment training in the workplace. Since VR it’s more immersive than physical classes or slideshow and video presentations and lets users feel closer to real-life than ever before. Helping teach midwives to… View Article

Why branding colors matter for your Virtual Tour?

Creating a strong brand is a must for any business. You want who you are and what you’re about to be crystal clear to your clients and customers. And in order to build a great Virtual Tour for your clients or for your own brand, you need to choose your featured color carefully. There’s one… View Article

How VRProTour comply with GDPR

Here at VRProTour, we aim to give you a convenient and powerful way to make and share your Virtual Tours with the world. Privacy is a fundamental of human right and data protection is an essential part of it. You have likely heard of the GDPR, that regulates how organizations and individuals may use and store… View Article

STORY ABOUT US – VRPROTOUR – Virtual Tour software

Virtual Tour is a story that should be told in a creative way. Being more other kinds of regular media. It’s more about visual and interactive. Therefore, with a young, talented and enthusiastic team, VRProTour want to bring you the easiest yet flexible virtual tour creation platform on earth. VrProTour’s vision: Become the best service… View Article