• October 1, 2019

What makes your hotel so attractive and exciting that the customers would always prefer at first for their holiday rather than the others? Hotel virtual tours appear as a strategic key to unlock this case. According to a recent survey, the lively integration of state-of-art technology with hotel specifications in detail brings a huge profit of over 46% to the corporate. Would you like to have a VR tour for yourself? Let’s join VRProTour and we ought to guide you 5 simple tips to create a perfect hotel virtual tour.

5 steps to create a hotel virtual tour

  1. Equip with adaptable gadgets

    Camera for hotel virtual tour

If you are a customer-driven kind of person who makes great efforts for customer satisfactory experience and expects a continuous increase in booking frequencies, adaptable equipment seems to be vital for the strategies. At first sight, we need a 360-degree camera being capable of taking panorama pictures. These photos allow us to view the landscape in a 360-degree wide-format around your stand as a vertical axis. These panoramic photography gadgets result in high-quality products whose units of the pixel in a picture are large and record sounds perfectly. As a result, we can expect an animated and entertaining online tour.

If our business scale is middle-sized or less, there are still plenty of alternatives that are capable of creating a wonderful virtual tour economically but maintaining the brand image as a professional brand image. The second choice or another ideal solution is a smartphone equipped with an adaptable fisheye lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens that achieves extremely wide angles of view intended to create a wide a panoramic image. The combination of two technologies even provides good photos and seems cost-effective for the corporate.

Moreover, a tripod is essential. This equipment is indispensable and it allows us to capture a 360 angle of view more easily.

The list below mentions some cameras capable of 360-angle photos:

  • GoPro Fusion
  • Ricoh Theta V
  • Nikon KeyMission 360
  1. Comply with the light

Do you think light is important to be mentioned? Or can light destroy our photos? This step is frequently missed for some subjective reasons. However, light plays an enormous role and has a significant impact on the quality of our pictures which define if the virtual tour will result positively or negatively. Obviously, there is no one expecting that glare from the light appears too bright to identify a single detail specifically and clearly in our virtual tours.

Therefore, it is obviously important to understand the local time zone and determine the best daily moment when the sunshine is not so strong that it over lightens the natural objects’ color when we take shots outdoor. Inspire of dependence on a particular purpose of the photos, it is advised to maintain the light naturally and vividly. Then, during the photo shooting for the tour, it is a high priority to check the white balance on the camera’s settings to adjust as the lighting changes depending on the area’s space or dimension. If our virtual trips are balanced between color and light, they not only advance customer’s experience but also enrich the surrounding quality.

  1. Target strategic areas

Most of the corporates frequently demand to add every detail to their hotel trips and this makes their most potential mistake. Their intention is not wrong when they prefer their customers to understand more about the premises, but actually, this creates a mess since the special features are not pointed out. Therefore, it is essential to consider which part of the area should be launched online and avoid overuse. The key features are highly recommended to focus on to highlight attractively our hotel over the others. For example, lobby halls, restaurant system, beverage bars, spa facilities, and room accommodations.

Additionally, a reasonable location sequence is worth paying attention to. This creates an impression on visitors’ minds so they can feel a real tour.

  1. Add comments or descriptions into our virtual tours

Hotel Virtual Tour

To provide our customers with further knowledge about the hotel, additional comments or descriptions ought to be attached. Some free virtual tour platforms like VRProTour allows the users to attach further notes extracted from the Hotspot application store when they are making a VR tour.

This helps web site visitors update more information which supports booking decisions processed faster. For example, if the hotel is running a promotion campaign with attractive offers for the massage service, or the restaurant menu starts serving more specialties exclusively, these tools support us a lot to transfer the message to the customers without much expenses on labor concerns. Then, it guarantees cost-effectiveness.

  1. Aim at a virtual tour platform application

Last but not least, we need an application platform to build a 360-angle virtual tour. This step becomes most vital to determine our hotel virtual tours to be appealing enough to win customers’ choices over other competitors. At present, there are numbers of offline or online applications on the market. However, it costs too much and requires a complicated process to build one.

Bearing customers’ difficulties in mind, VRProTour has launched a platform. It allows users to create 10 first-tours without any charge or access limitation in time. More importantly, the platform provides 24/7 online assistance and stays available for all inquiries or obstacles in use.

VRPROTOUR – A true partner for hotel virtual tour

VRProTour assists to build virtual tours easily but brings real feelings and expressions to the users. What you need first is 360-angle wide images. Then, the application assists us to create a completed hotel virtual tour with a wide-angle of view. Moreover, we can select picture angles and dimension to view, or zoom in and out to enrich the beauty and service of your hotel.

Let’s together build a tour professionally

Step 1: Get access to https://vrprotour.com and select “start now”

Create a hotel virtual tour

Step 2: Sign in at https://studio.vrprotour.com/#/login. If you have no accounts yet, you may visit https://studio.vrprotour.com/#/signup to register an account.

create a Virtual Museum Tours

Step 3: Click “Create Project” or “New Project” to begin creating a new tour

How to create a hotel virtual tour

Step 4: Give your tour a name and key in the blank

How to create a hotel virtual tour

Step 5: Drag our 36-angle pictures and drop to the window or click “Select Images” to choose photos from the computer, Google Drive or Dropbox

Drag & drop or Select panorama pictures

Step 6: Link all photos to a completed journey by Hotspot Portal

Create Portal Hotspot

On the right corner of the screen, choose suitable hotspot items, drag and drop them at referable positions. We are able to change the title name of a single hotspot or other properties.

Step 7: You are able to compose “Content Hotspot” to describe clearly about your business types

Create Content Hotspot

In the Hotspot table, you may add images, gallery or URL links to provide additional data. Therefore, the customers can understand more about the service

Step 8: In the section of Plugins, you can attach an address. Therefore, the users know the location where they are taking trips. Besides, you can add Backgroud Music in order to make the tours more energetic and exciting. Furthermore, there are additional Floor Plans, Phot Gallery, Pano Version, Web VR, etc. so all customers can enjoy your tours with a better experience.

add plugins in Virtual Museum Tours

Let’s have a look at our results.


Do you agree that it is easy to create a virtual reality tour? Wait no more and start building a tour now at https://studio.vrprotour.com/